What I did:

I came up with my timeline of events for my Remix story.  I compiled a rough outline of what both Hansel and Gretel are going to say in their Twitter updates.  I also decided that I am going to use Prezi, Twitter, and edited images for this project.

Why I did what I did:

I came up with the story line so that I can start creating the Twitter status updates on Wednesday.  I came up with the outline of what each character was going to say so that it was easier for me to start thinking about creative status updates.  I finalized what tools I’ll be using so that I can get started on creating the parts of the story.

Timeline for Project:

Storyboard for 4/15 – DONE

Twitter updates finished by 4/20

Presentation Sign-ups on 4/20

Peer Feedback on 4/22

Images edited by 4/24

Compile Story into Prezi by 4/27

Presentation made by 4/27

Presentations from 4/29-5/6