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4/27/15: What I Did, Why I Did It

What I Did Today, I continued wrapping up the final touches on my Remix an Interface project. Like I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts, I’ve found that the most difficult part of this project as been creating content (comments, captions, usernames, etc.). While its difficult to create a lot of original content for all […]

4/24/15: What I Did, Why I Did It

What I Did Today during our in-class workday I continued writing captions and comments for the remainder of my Instagram posts. As I finalize each post, I am inserting them into the Buzzfeed article and writing copy for the article. Why I Did It Thanks to peer review last class, I took my peer’s advice […]

4/22/15: Revision Plan

Today in Peer Review we shared our rough cuts in groups of three. I was so happy because my group LOVED what I had done for my project so far. After hearing the comments from Peer Review, there is not much that I need to change because it seems like I am headed in the […]

4/20/15: What I Did, Why I Did It

What I Did Today I continued working on putting together Instagram posts for each of my characters. I’ve found that the most difficult part is not editing or inserting the photos into the template, but actually attempting to be creative in writing the captions and comments for each of the pictures. Why I Did It […]

4/17/15: Online Workday: What I Did, Why I Did It, Documentation Plan

What I Did Today during our online workday, I spent time creating more Instagram posts for each characters, and writing captions to go along with the pictures. I’m also including “likes” and “comments” into the posts, so the audience can see different characters interacting with each other. Why I Did It I want to make […]

4/15/15: What I Did, Why I Did It

What I Did Today, I created an outline of a mock-up for my Buzzfeed article for my project. Since I am actually using Buzzfeed to create my article, it was easy to make the mock-up based on the actual site. I included a Heading, an Intro paragraph, and then outlined one section for one character, […]

4/13/15: What I Did, Why I Did It, Timeline

What I Did Today, I spend time gathering pictures for my Instagram posts for each character (Fred, Velma, Daphne, Scooby, and Shaggy). I want to try to have at least 5 Instagram posts for each character, focusing on their life since their retirement from Mystery, Inc. I have gathered all the photos, except I still […]

4/8/15: Story Proposal

Story Proposal The story I have chosen to focus on for my Remix a Story project is Scooby-Doo and Mystery, Inc. The main idea for my project is to create Instagram accounts for each of the main characters (Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma), and highlight each of their lives after retiring from Mystery, Inc. While […]

4/3/30: Online Class Workday

What Makes A Good Remix Elements of a good remix include the following characteristics: Specific and focused–not too long or too broad Utilizes at least 3 out of the 5 modes of communications in your storytelling Use a story that you are very familiar with, so it is easier for you to convert and make your readers […]

3/30/15: Presentation Day #3

Out of all the tools presented today, I one that I could most likely see myself using was Fetchnotes, which Mackenzie presented. Fetchnotes is an online note taking tool, which allows you to use #Hashtags and groups to collaborate with others. I could see myself using this tool to share class notes and project notes with […]