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To Continue to be Continued

04.27.15 What I Did: I continued to work on the twitter profiles of each character, finalizing the photos and inserting the tweets. I next need to create the whole twitter feed. Why I Did It: I needed to get continue to work on the project and to personalize each account – I added profile pictures, […]

Tweet Tweet! Tra La Tra La Tra Laaaa!

04.24.15 What I Did: I began making Twitter profiles for each of the characters today, but I found that making new email accounts for each one was unreasonable, so I found a template online for making it a document and began creating those for each character. I still need Demetrius and Lysander photos. Why I […]

Revision Plan

04.22.15 Peer Review I basically just showed my peer review partners the drafts I have on my blog, including the tweets draft, profiles, and handle ideas. I need to have all of that finished before I can actually create the twitter accounts. My plan is to finish getting the picture of the Midsummer cast members either […]

Work in Progress

04.20.15 What I Did: On my last post I just created, I began to develop and create the profiles of each character. Why I Did It: I wanted to create and use detail for each of the characters to bring them to life and so the audience knows everything they can about them as real […]

New Documentation Plan

04.20.15 I did not realize the rough rough draft of my project wasn’t a documentation plan. But what I am planning on doing is creating a number of twitter accounts, one for each character and each with a unique handle and “twit pic,” and tweeting in the order of the events as laid out in my […]

Twitterfeed Draft

Helena: When someone doesn’t love you back<<<< Hermia: I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend @lysander Lysander: @Hermia Love you! Demetrius: @Lysander @Hermia dude back off Hermia: My dad is the worst! Hermia: Why doesn’t he understand I DON’T LOVE HIM Hermia: I can’t wait to run away with my love @Lysander […]


04.15.15 What I Did: Today I created the storyboard for my project, A Midsummer Night’s Tweets. This was the next step in my project. Next I will be coming up with what each tweet will say so I have the correct order of tweets. Why I Did It: The storyboard was the next step in the […]

Dreams of Expression 2015-04-08 10:29:00

04.08.15 Story: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. Portion: I am going to primarily focus on the lovers’ journey, but I will also have tweets from Titania, Oberon, Bottom, and possibly Puck and the Fairies. Genre: I want to tell the story via twitter. Sources: William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Virginia Tech’s production of […]

Possibilities for Project 4

04.06.15 My current idea: A Midsummer Night’s Tweets Helena laments being unloved Hermia has angsty tweets against her father Helena tweets at Demetrius; Demetrius hits with the unfollow “Therefore follow me no more!” Selfie between Hermia and Lysander celebrating anniversary Puck responds/tweets “LOL” Bottom tweets about how good he is Mechanicals RT Oberon subtweets Titania about […]

Making a List and Checking it Twice

03.25.15 Checklist Observations I have all of my screenshots, but I need to incorporate them into my writing, which   I will be able to do more successfully when I put the essay onto my blog site. I did map out where they would be going, though. I did the most work on the design […]