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Whoo-hoo Last Blog Post

Last blog post of the semester!!!! Over the weekend I found some new resources that will be great for my story. I pulled out all the information that will fit into my story. All that I need to do now is go on Pinterest and search for all the information I have gathered and put […]

Remix A Story Work Day

I am having a difficult time finding good sources for my project. I found a few from the mount vernon website but they haven’t been too helpful. There is a lot information out there but I will have to look more in depth in databases or the library for more reliable sources. It is important […]

Remix A Story Peer Review Feedback & Revision Plan

What were the strengths of my draft that I should be sure to keep? Organization of the Pinterest account. What design choices were problematic and how can I revise these? Since I am using Pinterest everything is organized a clean, neat fashion. Combining different boards by moving the the pins from one board to the […]

Remix A Story Planning A Rough Cut

I did a blog post Friday on how I plan on documenting my project. And now that everything is set up I will be focusing on researching my sources for information and finding pins to add to my boards. By Wednesday I will have a preview of how my project will look and from the […]

Remix A Story Documentation

Since I am using Pinterest as my platform, the documentation is already there. Click on the link where the pin originated from and you are taken to the homepage of a website. All pins link to some sort of website, but it is still necessary to make sure it is a working site by going […]

Remix A Story Mock-Up/Storyboard

I am using Pinterest for my project so I have already set up an account specifically for this project. After making a Pinterest account you have an organized layout and create boards that relate to topics, all my content will go directly into a board that it relates to. This will be the ideal place […]

Remix A Story Timeline

Mock-up or Storyboard- 4/15 I have created a Pinterest account. I created boards (no content yet), name of the account and followed general boards to help me along. I still want to add a profile picture for the account. Further Research- 4/14-4/28  My next step is using the resources I have gathered to research the […]

Remix A Story: Outline Pitch

Tell us the story you have chosen- George Washington: Christmas at Mount Vernon Explain what portion of the story, if relevant– Party planning side of Christmas party Identify what genre you want to use for the project- Make Pinterest account, create boards with pins based on what would be needed for Christmas party; recipes, activities, list of attendees, […]

Brainstorming Remix A Story

What makes a good remix: Based on the assignment and the examples, list some characteristics that make for strong projects. Focus on how the story is rethought, or remixed. appropriate platform details/features from the story making words come to life relatable to today’s times What makes a good digital story: Look at the 12 examples […]

ThingLink Presentation

Thinglink caught my attention because I love using Pinterest and it’s functions are similar. I really thought it was cool that you could annotate the picture to give more information about who or what is captured. I could see this site becoming popular in the future. I plan on using the free method to explore more […]