Author: Catherine A. Einstein

Final Blog Post

What I Did I rented out my equipment from the innovation space. I researched more about After Effects. I am still really bad at it. One of my actors quit at the last minute, so I recruited someone else. I filmed all the scenes on Sunday. I am not the best cameraman and the actors […]

After Effects

What I Did I looked at After Effects tutorials and looked at iMovie’s effects. Why I Did It I would like to have some animation in my film. I will research a little more and try to make that possible.

Revision for Project 4

Strengths I should keep both narration and dialogue. I have good organization and planning. I have an extensive list of my props. I have a complete and creative script. What I Should Be Aware Of I should maybe use iMovie instead of Premiere. I should be flexible in case I need to change locations during […]

Trucking Along

What I Did I viewed tutorial videos for After Effects. I downloaded a video to practice with After Effects. I started a shot-by-shot outline of my video. Why I Did It I have never used After Effects before. Since I will not have my filming done until later, I will practice editing and […]


Since I am doing a live action video, the best way to site my sources is with opening and closing credits. This will allow the source to be easily accessible and not mess with the flow of the project. What I Did I wrote the script but will continue to rewrite it until I am […]

Mockup For Remix

What I Did I created a mockup of all the scenes for my film and a list of all the props and locations I need. I bought my props on Amazon and contacted the actors. I started my script and plan on finishing it this week. Why I Did It I created the mockup to […]

Timeline for Remix a Story

What I Did I made a timeline for my project on Google Calendar (link to calendar). I am not sure how accurate this will be. Since my projects depends on other people to act in it, I will have to rearrange the calendar according to their schedules. I also started a storyboard for my film for […]

Project 4 Proposal

I have chosen Grimm’s Snow-white and Rose-red for my story. In this storyI want to use live-action video maybe with some animation. Sources: Grimm, J. & Grimm W. Selected Folktales/Ausgewählte Märchen : A Dual-Language Book. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications Inc. Willingham, B. (2002). Fables (Vols. 1-150). New York, NY: Vertigo. Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics


I liked the interface Popplet. I thought the customizable features were interesting. I liked that you could use all forms of media in your popple. I thought Popplet would be a great tool to help someone study or teach someone. It would also be good for a presentation or to organize ideas.