Author: mlmarques

Remix a Story

Here is the link to my Remix a Story final project, hosted by issuu! I had a great time finishing up this project. To zoom in just double click! This […]

remix presentation

tonight i finished my presentation, which you can find below! i had much more time to work on this presentation than i did for the interrogate the interface one. without […]

final post :-)

what i did i filled in more content today, almost finishing the headline story. just need a few more tweaks and i should be finished! i also created a coupon […]

friday the 24th!

on friday i ended up working all the way through the end of class and into my next class period, but forgot to publish a post! what i did switched […]

Revision Plan!

after sharing my project with two of my classmates, there are a few things i need to do: i really want to keep the content and the overall “story” i’m […]

getting ready

-what i did- since my last post, i have done several things. the most relaxing was to rewatch the episodes of steven universe i’m using as sources to find screen […]

mock ups

what i did i tried out a BUNCH of different tools today, but didn’t have much luck with many of them — you either needed to make an account (and […]

remix timeline

as of today, i download a free trial of inDesign after watching a short tutorial on it to decide if this was the right tool for me–and it seems like […]

my story: steven universe

i want to remix steven universe because it’s an up and coming tv show with less episodes than adventure time, my other choice – not only does it make it […]