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We need to talk about PETA…

Due to the nature of the agriculture industry, many activists express their concern for livestock welfare. I agree that just because an animal is raised for slaughter, does not negate their right to be treated humanely from birth to death. One … Continue reading

The Chipotle Debate

The agriculture industry is not happy with Chipotle for multiple corporate choices and misleading marketing campaigns that have negatively influenced the industries reputation. With a large budget and marketing team that knows how to sell to emotions of the consuming audience, Chipotle … Continue reading

What is Agvocacy?

Literally, agvocacy is the word combination of advocacy and agriculture, but more importantly advocacy is an initiative. It is the positive promotion of the agriculture industry and efforts to combat public misconceptions and corporate propaganda that negatively impact the hard-working Americans that sustain our food source. To me, agvocacy highlights the necessity for public relations […]

Project 4 Work Day

What I Did: I’M DONE! I am very excited to have finished my movie trailer. I finished up all the text including titles and credits. I also decided to add some audio enhancements as well as video effects. I also drafted my memo and plan to post the video to youTube and then link that […]

Project 4 Work Day

What I Did: Today I continued to work on my Divergent movie trailer. I created the credits and finalized the audio. Why I Did It: The credits feature is important to credit the sources I compiled to create this video. I also spent a long time editing the audio, because I have two audio forms, […]

Project 4 Work Day

What I Did: Today in class I figured out how to incorporate text into my videos and included a title sequence. I also continued incorporating video footage and I am almost done compiling videos, some are my own and the others were retrieved form YouTube. Why I Did It: Every good trailer has a title […]

Project 4 Draft Revision Plan

• What were the strengths of my draft that I should be sure to keep? • What design choices were problematic, and how can I revise these? • What rhetorical choices seemed out of place in my draft, and how can I better attend to my audience, purpose, context, and genre? • What multimodal elements […]

Project 4 Work

What I Did? I have filmed footage of campus and friends for my trailer and have began piecing the project together on iMovie. I also recorded the audio, and chose a song to play in the background. I also decided to utilize footage that I didn’t take that was retrieved from YouTube, so I need to […]

Project 4 Script/Footage Details

What I Did:
I have finished drafting my remix script. I have included the script as a link below.
Why I Did It:
Now that I have a plan of action, I can begin filming, and composing the audio for this project.

Project 4 Timeline

What I Did? I have began working on my movie trailer script, it is almost completed. Why I Did It? It will be much easier to create this project if I have a script and format to follow. This will also let me know how much footage I need to film and of what subjects. […]