Author: Emily

Final Work Day on Project 4

What I Did I wrote a few more posts – finally nearing the end of the story! Why I Did It Basically for all of the same reasons that I listed in Friday’s post – to get as much done as I can before my presentation on Friday. I want to allow myself ample time […]

In Class Work on Project 4

What I Did I wrote a few more posts, and customized the site a little bit more. Why I Did It I want to write as many posts as possible as soon as possible because I have a feeling that there will have to be a lot. I think that if I have the bones […]

Revision Plan

Here is the link for my rough cut: (I’ll probably do some work on it today or tomorrow, though, so it could be updated by the time you look at it!) Both of my partners provided really good feedback. Trent suggested switching my menus to have the “Who Am I” menu appear above “The Story.” This […]

More Work on Project 4

What I Did: Today I wrote more blog posts. Why I Did It: Today I focused solely on writing as many blog posts as I could. I did this, because I want to try and narrow them down and not have too much writing to do at the very end. I want to have them […]

Online Work for Project 4

What I Did I worked hard on customizing my blog today, as well as wrote a few drafts for posts. I read the Hans Christen Anderson story again as a refresher. Why I Did It I wanted to get as much done as possible today, concerning customizing the blog. I set up pages (including a Site […]

Mockup of Project 4

What I Did Today I worked on the mockup for the actual blog site for Ariel. I will be using Weebly, and have already browsed the different themes that I could possibly use. This is a rough outline of how I want the blog to look when it is finalized. Before class, I also wrote […]

Timeline for Project 4

What I Did Today I evaluated tools to use for my project, and created a timeline for myself. I’ve decided to use Weebly instead of WordPress – this has changed since I pitched my project. I’ve also decided to create a fake Twitter account for this project. Why I Did It I explored Google Sites […]

“The What” for Project 4

The Story I’ve chosen to do Project 4 on the Hans Christian Andersen (original) version of The Little Mermaid.  I will be focusing on the whole story, as it’s a fairytale and not terribly long. The Remix I want to tell the story from the point of view of Ariel if she were dead (because she […]

Overview of Project 4

What Makes A Good Remix A good remix keeps most of the qualities of the original story, and incorporates them into very unique and visual projects. The remixes aren’t too long – I was interested in most of them for the duration of the presentation. Good remixes also add very unique details to the stories […]

Project 3 Presentations – Day 3

What Tool I Found Most Interesting The tool that I found most interesting was Fetchnotes. Why I Found It Interesting I found Fetchnotes interesting because I’m an avid notetaker and this seemed like a good way to stay organized. It seemed pretty simple to use and I think I would enjoy the Twitter-esque layout. How […]