Author: hhutch1

Finishing and Presenting Plans

What I Did: Today I finished up my website and finalized the texts, reordering them a bit and organizing them in the way that I wanted. I fixed some of the text/writings, and went through everything to make sure it appeared as cohesive as I wanted. I also had to photoshop some of the texts […]

Working on Revision plan!

What I Did: Today I worked on my revision plan. I wrote up a plot synopsis, and my goals of exonerating Mrs. Driver through the use of her text messages. I also Worked a bit more on the website itself, making it a bit more interesting with various titles. I almost finished writing up the […]

Revision Plan

Strengths of draft: Overall the strengths were that the website looked similar to a news website with flashy texts and it was visually dynamic for the audience. They liked how it looked, and the overall theme of the website. They liked the text layout, and they thought the texts all made sense, and thought that […]

Progress and Websites

What I Did: Today I wrote more of my texts, deciding that I wanted a total of 15. I am about half way done, and in need of some images to put into the texts in order to add some more elements to the story. I also then looked at website layouts and how a […]

Documentation Planning and Project Work

What I Did: I worked more on texts between the characters, following my storyboard, and tried to figure out how I am going to compile all the different texts into one cohesive website or presentation. I worked a lot on organizing and figuring out the best way to do this, investigating a lot of different […]

Changing Plans and Creating a Storyboard

What I did: Today I completed my story board. I also changed some aspects of my project. I decided that I wanted to write the whole thing in entirely text messages. I also changed the main character to focus on Mrs. Driver, the cook and woman who is taking care of the boy. I went online […]

Schedule and Progress

Schedule: 4/14: Write mock-up storyboard for my project. Include timeline of story that I’m writing, including various elements that I wish to include 4/15: Get most of writing section of project (storyboard due) 4/16-4/18: Get visual elements to include into project, including ‘evidence’ pictures and sticky notes to include in the ‘journal’ 4/19-4/20: Go through writing […]

Borrowers: Remix Project

I have decided that I want to write my remix project on The Borrowers, a classic novel published in 1952 by Mary Norton. Growing us as a child, I greatly enjoyed this story. I loved the concept that there were little people hiding in the walls and ‘borrowing’ things from us. In this story, I […]

Starting the Remix Project

What makes a good remix: I liked how a lot of the project brought in social networking, as that is very common in this day and age. I think that gives all the stories a good twist, and makes them relatable to our generation. I also liked the ones that were visually dynamic and unexpected. […]

Day Three of Presentations

I think I found the Inklewriter website interface the most interesting one. As it was one that I had previously wanted to do my presentation on, I was already drawn to the interface before I viewed the presentation. I don’t know when it would be applicable in my day to day life, but I thought […]