Author: Jackson

SPOT reviews and rough cuts

What I did: Today we discussed the end of the class and everything that we need to do before then. Afterwards I spent most of class completing the SPOT review and scheduling out everything I still need to do. in regards to my Remix a Story project, I am still in the process of editing […]

Revision Plan

For today’s class, I brought in a rough cut of my film. Because I only finished filming yesterday, I’ve only got the first major scene in order. My reviewers suggested that my transitions needed strengthening. While I agree, they provided me with some pretty insightful feedback as to how I may improve it. One suggestion […]

Adaptations on the Fly

What I did: I’m a bit behind schedule today in terms of filming. One of my actors was unable to shoot this weekend, so I have not yet captured some critical scenes. Because I will only have the camera for one more day, I’ve decided to have the other actors play multiple parts. I’m really […]


What I did: For today’s at-home class session, I did most of the grunt work for my project; and by that, I mean I went and picked up the camera and lighting equipment from the Innovation Space. Similarly, now that I have the storyboard complete, I’ve started compiling the script. Though it’s not complete, the […]

Boarded Stories

What I did: Pretty simple but focused class today. I worked exclusively on my storyboard and got the framework down for the story arc. I think the elements of the story are just ridiculous enough to still be considered a “fairytale,” even though it is set in the modern day. Why I did it: It’s […]


What I did: As this week starts, project 4 finally feels like it’s moving forward for me. In class today, I created a schedule of deadlines to keep me on track. I tried to take into consideration everything that I’ll have to deal with–though knowing me, I’ve likely forgotten something. Regarding my timeline however, I’m […]

Assets and Pitches: Preparing for Project 4

Okay, so for today’s class we focused on gathering resources and fleshing out our ideas for the Remix a Story project. Our blog post today was supposed to discuss our story, which part we were using, the genre, and how we were planning on going about things; however, I’m doing things a bit backwards… I […]

Presentations: Day 3

As presentations are beginning to wind down, I get the feeling that there are a huge number of useless or nearly-useless interfaces available online. I suppose everything has its niche, but I honestly cannot imagine using many of these applications. The only one that particularly stood out to me today was thinglink, the video and […]