Author: Lauren

Favorite Project

My favorite project I had to do for this course was just creating the blog. For me, I enjoy doing creative projects in general, but when the skills I’m learning along the way are practical and can be applied to my everyday life, it gives me more motivation while I’m working. I’ve always wondered what […]

Finishing Up P4

What I did I finished making the tweets with pictures in them and I started putting together the final twitter feed. Why I did it I wanted to have tweets with pictures in them to make the final twitter feed look more realistic as well as enhance the final project aesthetically. I also started collecting […]

Making Normal Tweets for P4

What I did Today, I started making all of the tweets that don’t have any special customizations in them. Why I did it I wanted to get all of these tweets knocked out in one session because they are the easiest to make. Even though they are all out of order at the moment, I wanted […]

Peer Evaluation

Because I was not in class today, I had one of my classmates, Doug Bowman, evaluate my Remix a Story Project. Since I had to redo my entire project mock-up, which actually took a very long time, I had him look over that and tell me what he thought. Overall, he said he liked the […]

Working on P4 Continued

What I did Over the weekend, I re-watched the last episode of Breaking Bad as well as finished working on my mock-up from Wednesday’s class. Why I did it I had to re-watch the last episode of Breaking Bad because I felt like my mock-up was lacking some important scenes and events that I had […]

Mock-up Draft

What I did Today, I started my mock-up outline that I will be using to make my final project. I did it on a Word document and organized but numbering each potential tweet in the order that they will be tweeted. Why I did it I did my mock-up on a Word document because it […]

What I Did for P4 Today and Timeline

What I did Today, I looked over a few of the tutorials posted on our class website as well as looked into the different tools that are available to use for fake social media accounts. Why I did it I looked at the tutorials because I am very rusty using tools such as iMove, Photoshop […]

Story for P4

Story: Breaking Bad Portion: The last episode Genre: Instagram Bibliographic information: To get the episode, I’m going to use my Netflix account, so I don’t really know how to cite that  to make the fake Instagram page  for Walter White’s Instagram profile picture

Thinking about P4

What makes a good remix? Sticking to story line Getting creative with the tool used to remix (Twitter feed, video, prezi, etc.) Using multiple modes of communication What makes a good digital story? My favorite remix out of the examples was the Hunger Games magazine flip book. What I liked about it was the sheer amount […]


The interface I found most interesting from the presentations today was Fetchnotes. I thought it was very practical because there aren’t many great reminder tools out there for people to use. If I need to set a reminder now, I either do it on my phone (which I don’t really like because it layout confuses […]