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            What Citizenship involves the team as whole, working towards a common purpose of doing good for the community. The word “community” I use loosely as that may be use to refer to different groups. Each member of the team should come together as a whole to put out the best product necessary. So What […]


            What This value is somewhat self-explanatory. Commitment is a necessity for success. You cannot truly be successful if you are not committed to what you are doing. There needs to be a focus, drive, passion, and a sense of energy towards fulfilling the task at hand and achieving that goal. I believe commitment can […]


            What Congruence takes the role of consistency in this situation. More specifically, consistency within oneself. This means that an individual will usually do the same thing, with the same ideas and values in mind every time. Actions, thoughts, and discussions are always taking on the same tone. I think this is something that can […]

Consciousness of Self

            What This value takes a more individualized point of view. Consciousness of self is all about remembering what personal values and beliefs are and knowing to always keep those in mind when making decisions and taking actions. This is something that cannot be taught in any setting, but rather realized through life experiences. It […]

Controversy with Civility

            What In most environments, there will be disagreements. But its how you deal with those disagreements that matter more so. Everyone must understand that all people are different, and therefore different viewpoints on just about all situations are going to come about. What cannot happen is that a simple disagreement turn into something more. […]

Common Purpose

            What Part of realizing that what you are doing is worthwhile is knowing that everybody else is also striving to produce the same thing. Each person on the team should be working towards one goal, one common idea that has been set to be achieved at the beginning of the project. This is another […]


What Collaboration could easily be the most important value of the social change model, that is, if you had to choose one. Collaboration takes place within a team and among all individuals. This is something that is easily learned, not through the classroom, but through living and learning. In my experience, it is easily noticeable […]


What: I spent freshman living considerably more comfortable than the “average” freshman. Controlled air conditioning, carpet, co-ed dorm, personal shower, etc. However this was because of the effort that I put forth towards the living-learning dorm known as the Residential Leadership Community. Each semester, I was required to take a leadership class that would introduce us […]


What: Freshman year I began working as a student intern at HokieVision. I quickly found a niche in the broadcasting industry through the job and continually wanted to learn more. My junior year, I was anointed the technical director for all football games and ESPN3 broadcasts; only the 2nd time a student had been given this position (the […]

Club Golf

What: One of the most influential events during my time at Virginia Tech has been my involvement with the Club Golf Team. As a sophomore, I was elected treasurer of the team where I was in charge of the day-to-day financial operations and reporting of the team. Beginning my junior year, and into my season year, […]