Citizenship involves the team as whole, working towards a common purpose of doing good for the community. The word “community” I use loosely as that may be use to refer to different groups. Each member of the team should come together as a whole to put out the best product necessary.

So What

Without good citizenship, a community cannot work. Is the individual responsibility of each person to realize what should be done for the community as a whole. This is the time where like-minded individuals and non like-minded individuals put away their differences and work together. Without a strong central bond, the entirety can easily crumble.

Now What

Citizenship is something that I feel I do well, but can work on continuously. I don’t know that it is possible to always be a good citizen. In my eyes, citizenship means being selfless at all times and putting others before you 100% of the time. However, I believe that in many situations you should put yourself first. It is hard to say that you should never think of yourself. That is just my interpretation of citizenship.

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