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Jay Gatsby

April 27, 2015 What I did and Why I did it This weekend I worked on Jay Gatsby’s poster. I got it to a point that I liked it, but when I got into class today for some reason I hated it. So, I completely re-did it. The child of two graphic designers in me just […]

More work!

April 24, 2015 What I did and Why I did it I spent about half the class trying to resolve my font issues, which was quickly solved when I learned how to do a drop-shadow in Photoshop! Yay! After that, I started searching Google for source images for the characters Nick and Jay. I want […]

Peer Review

April 22, 2015 In peer review, I received some great feedback on the first movie poster that I created, which was for Daisy. Overall, my partners really liked what I had done with my photo manipulation, but had a few issues with clarity and readability. In the coming days, I’ll keep an eye on that […]


This is the post for the class on April 20th. What I did and why I did it I updated my Adobe Creative Suite! Yay! Now I can actually start putting together some images for the peer review on Wednesday. Also, I put together a rough cut of the poster for Daisy, using images from […]

The Great Gatsby

This is the blog post for the April 17 class meeting online. What I did & Why I did it Today I watched the 2013 Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsbyin order to have some more source material for my project. That’s pretty much it!


What I Did I worked out a timeline for my Remix a Story project. I also began work on deciding which characters from Gatsby I would focus on for the movie posters. I need to watch the newest movie again so that I can get a little more inspiration. I also am going to watch […]


4/15 – Pick characters for posters 4/17 – Decide what words to use 4/20 – Rough drafts 4/22 – Presentations 4/24 – Polish 5/6 – Due

Project 4 Idea

My “Remix a Story” project will be a mashup of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (aka “Game of Thrones”) and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I will take inspiration from the ASOIAF tradition of personal heraldry and use the Adobe Creative Suite to design sigils for characters in Gatsby. I will also […]

Project 4 – Planning – sigils – three little pigs (arya) – little bo peep (cat) – jack and jill (jaime and cersei) – humpty dumpty (ned or oberyn) – peter peter pumpkin eater (little finger) – twinkle twinkle little star (dany and the comet)’s-skin.htm – ass in lions skin (joffrey) – […]

I bet they never thought anyone would ever see it again

This is the blog post for the March 2, 2015 class meeting. Today we examined an Interrogate an Interface project from last year in a group. It was neat to see how someone approached the project that I myself am going to be completing in just a few short weeks. One thing that I noticed […]