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What I Did & Why–Last Post?!

What I Did: Today I continued with my editing my pictures for my project. I have a lot of the images I want from the PDF of The Cat in the Hat separated from the background like I wanted, and I continued to work on that today. With the images I have already separated from…Continue reading »

What I Did & Why–Picture Editing

What I Did: Today was a success! Thanks to the help of a classmate I actually figured out how to successfully cut the parts of the pictures from The Cat in the Hat pdf I wanted out of the screenshots I took. I edited a few pictures and took the cat or kids or other…Continue reading »

Revision Plan- Project 4

Before the project is due, the main thing I want to do is add more details to the images I am using if possible. Since I plan to title it “College Cat in His Frat Letters Hat” I would like to add the letters KAT to the cats hat, standing for Kappa Alpha Tau, the…Continue reading »

PowerPoint Storyboard

Here is my storyboard and the link to my storyboard for my Cat in the Hat remix using PowerPoint!114&authkey=!ADQSUpcRVwnip-8&ithint=file%2cpptx

What I Did & Why–4/20/15

What I Did: – Downloaded Photoshop – Watched the “Getting Started” video and Tips & Techniques – Started cropping the images I want out of the Cat in the Hat PDF to place into my own photos Why I Did It: I began by downloading the free 30 day trial of Photoshop because that is…Continue reading »

What I Did & Why

What I Did: The first thing I did today was create the two Instagram accounts I need to remix my story–one for the cat, and one for the brother and sister of the story. I also wrote down the page number for each page of the pdf I want to take pictures of the cat and…Continue reading »

What I Did & Why–Storyboard

What I Did: The first thing I did today was create a list of what I wanted to include in my project/scenes I wanted to make sure made it into my storyboard. From there, I drew out my storyboard in boxes on a sheet of paper. I included little sketches of what I would like…Continue reading »

What I Did & Why

What I Did: Today, I worked on gathering more sources I could use for my project, but did not find anything I felt necessary. Because I have the whole Cat in the Hat story book PDF saved to my computer, there is not much else I really feel I need. I then began my storyboard in an…Continue reading »

Hunting & Gathering–The Cat in the Hat

The story I have chosen to remix is The Cat in the Hat. I know this story well and I think there are a lot of fun remixing possibilities to be had with this story. I am still brainstorming exactly what parts of the story I plan to remix, but I think I will focus on…Continue reading »