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More Work on Project 4

What I Did/Why I Did It So I planned on working in InDesign but there were formatting issues so I attempted to save the file in another format so I could work on my pages but this was unsuccessful. Since … Continue reading

P4 Work Day

What I Did/Why I Did It I finished creating the content for the customer testimonials. I will need to transfer this to InDesign to design the page further. I also collected photos for my assets and began creating my order … Continue reading

Revision Plan

I got great feedback and ideas about my project. After speaking with my reviewers, I know that I also want to create an owner testimonial as well as include an order form for purchasing toys. I think these are great ways … Continue reading

Preparing Rough Cut

What I Did/Why I Did It I continued to collect images without copyright restrictions and file those away for later use. I also finalized the designs of my featured toy ad and owner bio pages. I will need to upload these … Continue reading

Documenting Assets

What I Did/Why I Did It For the online class today, I worked in InDesign to create my ad as well as an owner bio. I collected images and wrote the content. These are currently in the draft stage but … Continue reading


What I Did/Why I Did It Here are the mock-ups for two pages that I will be including in Drosselmeyer’s toy company catalogue. These are the two pieces that I will be working on in InDesign from now until Friday … Continue reading

Timeline for Project 4

What I Did/Why I Did It I explored the tool FlipHTML5 because I want to create a catalogue for Drosselmeyer’s toy company. I think that this is a great tool that will allow me to take risks with InDesign as … Continue reading

Project 4 Proposal

The story that I decided to remix is The Nutcracker. I’ve chosen to focus on the scenes where the character Clara is taken on an adventure through the Kingdom of Sweets. What I want to do is create a digital … Continue reading

Exploring Project 4

After looking through some of the examples of remix a story projects, I noticed a few things that made projects stand out as strong projects. Those projects that incorporated more modes of communication made them more interesting and interactive. Since … Continue reading

Exploring Other Tools

To be honest, I don’t think I would use any of the tool presented today. I feel like there are tools that already exist which provide better features and are more prominently used as a result. However, Thematic seemed the … Continue reading