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What I Did & Why I Did It

What I Did Today, I added pictures to my Fakebook sites and cited them by taking screenshots of the source name. After I took the screenshots, I put them in the “Sources I’ve Used” section of the page. Why I Did It I added pictures to spruce up my page. I used screenshots so viewers […]

What I Did and Why I Did It

What I Did Today, I added pictures and comments to my Fakebook sites I also cited the sources using the “Sources I’ve Used” section of the page Why I Did It To spruce up the site and add more details To supply proper documentation for the pictures I used

Project 4 Feedback

Suggestions & What I Still Need to Do:
-add profile pictures/cover photo
-add pictures in some of the posts
-add likes and comments
-add more color in posts
I literally still need to do everything they suggested!

What I Did and Why I Did It – April 17

What I Did I finished drafting all the posts for both Fakebook pages Why I Did It I wanted to have all of the posts written so when I made the Fakebook page, content wound be done and all I would have to do is work on the format and setting up the site. Documentation […]

What I Did and Why I Did It

Mockup/Storyboard Grasshopper/ Greg Spring Semester I’m soo not looking forward biochem this semester :( but I’m determined to make Dean’s List this semester   It’s the first week of classes & I’m already over this. #YOLO   I guess my lab can wait. Did someone say TOTS Tuesday? (emoji)   I lost my keys in […]

What I Did & Why I Did It

Project 4 Timeline Create storyboard – April 14 Edit storyboard and prepare for presentation – April 17 Create up both Fakebook accounts – April 17-20 Sign up for presentation – April 19-20 Be ready to share rough draft of both Fakebook accounts in class – April 22 What I Did Created a timeline Changed the […]

Project 4 Plan

  Story: 2015 version of the ant and the grasshopper story from Aesop’s Fables Explain what portion of the story: using entire story Identify what genre you want to use for the project: iMovie Give us the bibliographic links:    

Project 4

1. A Good Remix: -a short and concise story -clear, unencrypted graphics -creative topic/story 2. What Makes a Good Digital Story: The Beauty and the Beast Facebook page was the best, in my opinion, because it imitated a Facebook page almost exactly. It looked so real that I wanted to click on links. It was […]

Checklist Observation (Monday)

I would use Vialogues because I love watching videos online. It seems very useful when making videos for projects and other presentations. I also liked the feature on the side with words and descriptions of the video being played. I also liked the educational aspect, and I think it would be a great resource for […]

Checklist Observation (Friday)

I would love to try using Thematic. Based on the presentation, it seemed very thorough in its instructions and showing users how to use it. I would use this interface if I wanted to organize and/or categorize photos. I like the simplistic format as wel…