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the FINAL blog post

What I did? I finalized my project, and confirmed with my professor that it would be okay to use the project with the watermark when I submitted it to my wordpress. I also finished the powerpoint that I will be using to aid in the showing of my “film” Why I did it? Well, my […]

producing the princess project

What I did? Today I finished my video! I switched the music for the background, edited the photos to all be black and white so they transitioned better, and then saved the entire preview to my computer. Why I did it? I wanted to finish my section of the video early so that I could […]

Revision Plan

Today I showed my peers my work and they enjoyed the film. They gave me positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism that I was able to use to edit my project. They agreed that I should have a constant theme, a similar font throughout. They also said that I should focus (and transition) between […]

adding music

What I’ve done? I made a sources document, as well as downloaded multiple pieces of free music that I could use for the background and introduction to my project. Why I’ve done it? At the end of my “preview” I’m going to have to list credits, and this does not just mean, the actor’s name, […]

a rough sketch (storyboard)

WEDNESDAY What I did? Today I created a storyboard, I apologize for the lack of artistic talent, there’s a reason I’m a professional writing major and not an art major. Check below. I also wrote out the dialogue that I need my friend to say out loud for one of the scenes, and then the […]

Cinderella vs. Ariel begins

What I did? I began the introduction to my video, using the tool ” iSkySoft Video Editor” which seems to work better for me than iMovie. I also asked my friend if she’d be willing to act out a few scenes for me, as Ariel, and she agreed. Today in class, I used the fake […]

Planning my Remix

I have decided to do a sort of “Bachelor” preview, Princess edition for my remix. I will be using Cinderella and Ariel, as I am most familiar with those Disney Princesses. In order to keep in line with the stories, I’m going to re-watch the Disney movies, and then ask my friends to participate in […]

what makes a good remix?

1. I thought that all of the examples of past students’ projects, were great representations of remixes of stories. I think it is important to stay consistent with the theme of the actual story but then implement one’s own “spark” into it, to make it unique. As the assignment indicates, we have to make sure […]

presentation day #3

Of today’s presentations, I would probably be interested in using Kim’s tool, Thematic. The other tools were concerned with mind maps, or time lines, and I couldn’t figure out a time where I would need to incorporate these to my projects. With Kim’s tool, however, I could use it for my personal enjoyment, (like Instagram). […]

presentation day #2

Today we listened to multiple presentations, and I thought I could see myself using any of the tools. I really enjoyed “Trello”, the tool that Natalie presented. Because I’m so concerned about organization on my own, I think it would be neat to be able to drag and “accomplish” certain goals, rather than erase and […]