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Remixing Gatsby

What I Did Today, I worked on finding more pins so that each board had 15+ pins. I also watched the movie to screen shot some images to add to my boards. I also created a board that held all of the tweets Daisy would write. Why I Did It I wanted each board to […]


What I Did Today, I worked on pinning more things to my boards so they had some good depth. I also worked on searching through the pins to find specific literary references. Since last class, I have created 10 tweets that link to Daisy’s Pinterest page. Why I Did It I searched for more pins […]

Revision Plan

In our group revision session, I asked Krista and Katharina for some help on the method to cite my sources. Since I’ll be tweeting things and adding quotes from the book/movie, I wanted to be sure to give credit where needed. However, Katharina suggested I make an excel sheet and add it as an attachment […]

Sources & Rough Cuts

What I Did To cite my sources, I will use the links in the Pins and cite my tweets via quotes or link them to pins. Since my project focuses on social media, I can use the links to cite my sources and make my project multimodal.  I’m currently looking at the new site, Popcorn […]


What I Did I’ve already set up my Pinterest with boards and started putting pins in their respective areas. Below, you can see what boards I have and how I have divvied up Daisy’s life into these categories. What you don’t see are the tweets that will coincide with some of her pins. That is […]

Progress on P4

What I Did Today I worked on my assets and creating a timeline for my project (seen below). I also created more boards on Daisy’s Pinterest page and looked at generating fake Tweets for Daisy’s account. I’m considering creating a Storify account so I can keep all of my work in one space so I […]

Daisy Buchanan on Pinterest

I’ve decided to make a Pinterest board in the eyes of Daisy Buchanan. Right now, I’ve thought the following boards would be applicable to her life: Man of my Dreams; Parties; Design; Fashion; Outings; Old Money; Across the Pond (Green Light); New York, New York, etc. I want to add a Twitter aspect to the […]

Project 4 Online Work

What Makes a Good Remix A good remix focuses on the context and how in-depth you go to remix the story. Some of my favorites incorporated history and put a spin on the story while also including important facts. I think they should include well-thought out plans and good detail including images/videos, text, and any […]


I would use Fetchnotes most because I have a terrible memory. I currently use the reminders application on my iPhone but it’s not appealing and doesn’t really make very good use out of the app. I really like the idea of using hashtags so that things are organized well and easy to find.

So Many Options!

The tool I was most interested in today was Katharina’s presentation of PearlTree. It seemed like a really cool way to connect with friends and to organize all of your interests easily. I thought it was exciting how you could include photos as well and organize them into your different interests.