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Project 4 Workday

Oh, Beyoncé. Queen B. What I Did, and Why I Did it I got my image of Kim and Kanye done. I’m just picking couples at random and working on their image, so I don’t really have a system of … Continue reading

Project 4 Peer Review

This past weekend, I went to Myrtle Beach, SC with friends. The beach is my happy place! Revision Plan Strengths: My project is very interactive, and I personally think it’s pretty entertaining. Using ThingLink was a good move. Weaknesses: I don’t have … Continue reading

Project 4 Progress

Well my computer is currently in the shop, so I’m going to provide a little foreshadowing and sneak peek into what’s to come from my remix a story! Kanye & Kanye forever ♥ What I Did, and Why I Did It … Continue reading

Mock-up for Project 4

What I Did, and Why I Did It Here is my mock-up for project 4. I worked specifically on the layout of the pictures. I took into consideration the type of celebrity (politician, artist, etc.) as well as other factors … Continue reading

Timeline for Project 4

We are on our last project for the semester, so I figured I would bring it back to the picture that gave me inspiration for project 1. We are in the homestretch!   Timeline: Mock-up or Storyboard on 4/15 — … Continue reading

Project 4: Story Choice

Here I am enjoying nature with my brother and sister. We were doing a photoshoot for our parents’ 25th anniversary! Original Story: Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. This was my favorite book as a childhood. The last … Continue reading

Starting Project 4

No picture today, sorry to disappoint. Let’s keep this strictly linguistic! What Makes a Good Remix creativity originality visual aids adding a unique spin to the story thinking outside the box presenting the story in a logical way presenting the … Continue reading