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Final Work Day

What I did: Created twitter accounts for all of my people as well as finished listening to the presentations and making liveblogs Why I did it: I gave up on any other option and now I am going to tweet all of these tweets and then use x-ray googles to fix it up to look […]

Another Work Day

What I did:
Did the final person for the liveblog. now time to move on to actually putting it up somewhere
Why I did it:
To compete the project!

Revised Plan for Project

Strengths: The idea of live tweeting, the varying POV’s of the different people for the keynote Problematic Design Choices & Fixes: Live tweeting for 5 people is tough to do at once and there is no twitter handler that allows you to customize the time of tweets for 250+ tweets. The fix for this will […]

Another Work Day

What I did: Did another viewing of the keynote with a livestream based on the perspective of an apple fanboy. I also have decided to use XRAY goggles to work with my twitter accounts. Why I did it: I chose another perspective simply because that was the next item in my list to liveblog. I […]

Work Day Friday

Today we worked online as opposed to in class. I ended up doing it on Saturday instead of Friday because I ran out of time unfortunately. What I did: Watched the keynote from the perspective of the vp and wrote down in plain text the things that were worthy of tweeting. I also decided to […]

Work Day 4/15

What I did: Before I could create my storyboard entirely I needed to watch the entire keynote of the announcement of the item. So today I watched the first half of the keynote. Tomorrow I will watch the second half, and the following day I will re-watch it and fill out the storyboard. Why I […]

Schedule & Work

Plans for the coming weeks for project 4: 4/14 & 4/15: Write mock-up storyboard for the project. Include the necessary timeline of what I am writing about. 4/16: Become familiar with how Twitter works and how to livetweet an event. 4/17: Watch Apple event for the first time. 4/19 & 4/20: Actually livetweet the event with photos […]

Preparing for Project 4

The hardest part so far about project 4 is actually picking a project. I have decided to Remix the story of the keynote of the release of Mac OS X. This was Apple’s first step into the modern age of computing. If you look at images of mac os 9.2.2 and the next release of […]

First Glimpse of Project 4

Today I reviewed the project 4 description and some of the examples. Here are the responses to the assignment questions: What makes a good remix is the overall rethought of a well-known story. The usage of old stories modernized or simplified seems to be ideal. The example that I enjoyed the best is the remix of Beauty […]

Presentation Day #3

The application that I found to be the most beneficial is Vialogues. I thought it was really great in its usage. It seems easy to use, one can derive a lot of usage from it, and seems applicable to teachers. As far as utility, I as a student think its utility is pretty menial, but […]