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What I Did #28

What I Did: I created a new presentation on Google slides. I created five slides as an outline for my presentation… Title Project idea Process Struggles Final thoughts *If I need to expand on a section, I will add additional slides. Why I Did It: I started my presentation because I am presenting on Friday! […]

What I Did #27

What I Did: I used pencil to create the boxes for my comic. Then I began sketching out the images in each box. I completed my first two pages of my comic. I plan to complete the last page of drawings tomorrow. Afterwards, I will draw over all the pencil with micron pens. Why I […]

What I Did #16

What I Did: I went onto Fliphtml’s website and found out that the site was temporarily taken down. So I went searching for other tools (just in case the site didn’t come back up) and I found FlipSnack. Why I Did It: I visited the site to try uploading another file (since I had issues […]

What I Did #16

Draft of Project:         Revision plan: What I heard: Both of my partners really liked the concept of my project. In terms of the drawings, they said I should make them modern (rather than doing the typical Disney depiction). And that in terms of color I should either follow the old black […]

What I Did #15 (Online Work)

Project Method: I am going to be using FlipHtml5 to display my project. Here are the steps of my plan: I will hand-draw the bare bones of the comics. I will scan the comics onto a computer. Then I will use Photoshop to edit the comics (add shading, color, etc.). Afterwards, I will make the […]

What I Did #14

What I Did: I spent the entire class period working on my storyboard. My process was fairly simple—I created a box, drew an image for each, wrote the action above, and any dialog below. Then I highlighted the actions of each scene in yellow. Once I finished, I wrote down some of my other thoughts […]

What I Did #13

Timeline April 13—Story Board April 15—Finalize story board/ get dialogue April 17—Drawing April 20—Drawing April 22—Peer Review feedback April 24—Use flash/video editing What I Did: First, I created a timeline for Project 4: Remix a Story. Then I went onto and found videos for Flash Professional CS6 to utilize later. Then I began my […]

What I Did #12

The story I’ve chosen: I have decided to do the classic fairytale, Cinderella. Portion of story: I plan to do the end scene of  Brothers Grimm’s Ashenputtel. In this scene, Ashenputtel’s step-sisters cut off their heels to fit into the slipper. Genre for the project: I plan to do an animated video using Flash. As previously stated, I will […]

What I Did # 11 (Online Work)

What Makes a Good Remix: Include various images; memes are funny Creating a fake facebook to represent character’s thoughts Mix it up with format: blog, prezi, youtube video, etc. Use audio, but needs to be done well What Makes a Good Digital Story: I really liked the Chamber of PostSecrets. It was a really different […]

Presentations Day #3

Out of all the presentations, I found Inklewriter to be the most interesting. I loved the fact it that you could write interactive stories. Not only that, but it keeps the story well organized which allows the writer to concentrate on his/her writing. I would definitely use this site to write and publish interactive stories! […]