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What I did/Why I did it

Today in class I started to transfer all my pictures and captions over from my presentation, which I’ll be showing in class, to an actual fake Instagram account. It has been pretty funny because as I’ve been going, random people have been liking the pictures and following the account. I still need to create fake […]

In class work day

Today in class I worked on making the template for my fake Instagram account and adding pictures. I thought this would be a relatively quick process because I found a template online that I liked, but it didn’t really look authentic when I started putting pictures in so I kind of had to alter that […]

Remix Peer Review Day

It was great to be able to hear some feedback on my project from my peers in class who have never seen my mock-up before. They definitely provided a lot of positive feedback, but I still have a lot to do. Some of my strengths was that I had a good organizational structure and they liked […]


What I did today and why I did it: Today in class I continued working on my mock up for my project. I think I’m almost done telling the story, but what I’m trying to do now is to add comments on Scout’s pictures from the other characters to help tell the story. I’ve been […]

Remix- what I did/why I did it

  Today in class I continued working on my story board for my To Kill a Mockingbird remix story. Last class, I started organizing my pictures and writing captions in a word document, but today I decided to switch over to using Google Slides so it would be easier to share and continue working on. […]

Remix Timeline

Here is my tentative timeline for completing my remix project. 4/13- Make outline for finishing project, begin writing script 4/15- Continue/finish writing script, begin collecting images 4/17-Continue collecting images, begin writing image captions from Scout’s point of view 4/20- Continue writing image captions, be ready to sign up for a presentation (aim for presenting on […]

To Kill a Mockingbird

I have decided to remix one of my favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird. I want to make a fake Instagram from Scout’s point of view where she takes her “followers” through the summer that the book takes place in by using pictures and witty captions. I would ideally like for the Instagram to start when […]

Remix brainstorming

Although we did not meet in class today, I spent some time this morning reviewing the remix assignment.  Something I noticed in the examples we were given to look at is that my favorite remix projects were the ones that took a really different approach to a story, or ones that incorporated a lot of […]

Presentations- Day 2

I think the interface that was presented today that I would find most useful was Natalie’s on Trello. Organization is something I’m always striving for and I like looking for new methods of becoming organized. I could see myself making normal to-do lists on this for my day-to-day activities and then moving tasks over to […]

Shanks Water Maintenance Hijinx day

Today instead of having class, I spent time working on my interface project at home. I am confident that I have finished writing my web essay after going down the checklist a few times to cross everything off the list, but what I’m mostly worried about is my presentation. I have a lot of things […]