Author: cek1115

How’s it Going

What I did: I created an Instagram account called North_Shore_W*** that will serve as the platform for the ‘secrets’ to become public. Why I did it: Trying to create a fake Instagram is pretty challenging, so I figured I’d make a real one with an interface that is already functioning and easy to link to. […]

Where I am now

What I did: I started redoing my project starting with the presentation formate. Why I did it: I didn’t change my idea, but I finally had a realization about the direction that I wanted it to go in and how to most effectively accomplish that. Restarting the presentation gives the animation of the prezi more […]

Peer Help

Finishing the project, maybe add a what Mean Girl are you quiz to the project. Right now the deliverable aspect of my project is slacking slightly, so the main focus is to get the project completed and then reevaluate what needs to be added to make the work stronger. Currently, the rhetorical situations that I […]

What’s Happening Now?

What I did:
I started to bring the screenshots into a prezi and add captions to them.
Why I did it:
This is functioning as a brainstorming exercise to figure out what captions to put with the images, and to gage how many images I need for the project.

What’s Poppin’

What I did: Started collecting screenshots of the movie and associate them with quotes. Why I did it: It’s the most time consuming aspect of the project. How I’m incorporating links: Using a prezi to bring all of my elements together, and I will use a slide at the end of the presentation to place […]

Who done it?

I created a mock up of the framework idea I have for revealing who spills all da’ beans in Mean Girls before the Burn Book. The concept is similar to the Red Ridinghood prezi murder board, but my board will serve as a collection of the secrets that were spilled through Instagram and Twitter as […]

Remix Timeline

Week 1 (13 – 17) Create the Instagram and Twitter account, and using them to generate the ‘Gossip Girl’ – ‘Mean Gris’ feeds. By the 15th have an outline of what the goal is for the end result of my project. Week 2 (20 – 24) Generate the end product and figuring out how I want […]

Remix Project

I’m fusing Mean Girls and Gossip Girl into a remix. So the concept of an all knowing character will take snapchat or instagram screenshots of Mean Girls scenes that reveal secrets of the characters. And somehow incorporate all of the epic mean girls quotes there are, and make up a tag name for the instagram […]

Remix Proyecto

1) What makes a good project: A creative medium to demonstrate the highlights of a well known story that can be fiction or nonfiction. There needs to be a demonstration of an understanding of technology. Needs to be unique and fun. 2) Which project was the best: I really liked the Time Magazine version of The […]

Lots of Negatives

I would use Theamatic. Of the five tools we saw today, Theamatic was the only tool that got a strong positive recommendation from its presenter. The tool allows people to tell visual stories with their photos. It seemed like a really cool concept with really sleek design. I could see myself using this tool to […]