Author: Matt Elliott

Remix: April 7th

A bit of a struggle working on the project today since the computer locked me out but fortunately I already have my initial sources and ideas. The idea I’ve chosen to focus on is the Disney-fied Hercules story as if it were from Hades’s perspective. I think I could come up with something fun that […]

Resources for Hercules Remix

Potential Formats:

Thebans community forum (second choice)
Phil sending snapchats or tweeting
Hades plotting and venting over twitter (favorite)
Remix including Herc as a teen


March 30th: Presentations!

Today’s presentations had a lot of similar applications, and the only one that seemed like something that I may use was the Twinery website and application. The cataloging of tagged text posts in that format seems very convenient for anyone who might find themselves taking on a creative project or trying to produce a story […]

March 27th: Presentations!

Today’s presentations had a hidden gem that I’m glad I didn’t miss. As I’m currently fumbling my way through learning how to piece together websites and code,  the widget X-Ray Goggles seemed a perfect tool that I’m about to download immediately. The easy access to code and the visibility of the changes in real time […]

March 23rd: Presentations!

The website that seemed most handy to me was I’ve had countless classes that require you to learn and write while following along with recorded lectures or stories and neither laptop nor notebook were really sufficient for making it a seemless note taking experience. Enter this website would do away my desktop consuming […]

March 12th: Productivity Log

Oof, finally no longer sick so I can start catching up on my schedule. What is Coggle? Coggle is a digital tool that allows for the user to create aesthetically pleasing notes that are open to being worked on by groups much the same way that a Google document might. The web-like way in which […]

March 4th: Project Schedule

3/02: Create a login for the tool (Already done) 3/06: Research what the tool does and how it works 3/06: Fill in the Writer/Designer Analysis Questions 3/12: Outline your web essay 3/15: Take screenshots to support your analysis 3/15: Draft your web essay 3/18: Draft your slideshow

Daily Post: March 2nd

The aspect that I found myself focusing on one the organization of the pages on the web essays. Any page that had clear navigation that was readily apparent and words that are paired with an appropriate amount of pictures. The only things that really got to me while observing some of the pages was that […]

What I Chose and Why I Chose It

The application that I decided to go with was Coggle, an interactive online note taking app. I didn’t choose the application out of easiness or usability but simply because it seemed like it would be a useful tool for me to utilize in classes. There are a lot of cases where I’m note taking with […]

2/18 Daily Post

What I did I cleaned up some of my syntax and added a page dedicated to my puppy. I mostly went over my posts and tags to check for consistency. Why I did it Adding more pages at this point would just clutter the blog. I added some pictures of my pup to add another […]