Author: Meron

Project 4: Computer Issues

I had already started working on Mulan. Unfortunately yesterday, my computer crashed, so I lost the Mulan photos I took. Therefore, I made some slight changes: I’ll make an actual flipbook with drawings of the scene I want and record it as I flip it. OR I could take photos of the pages and put them […]

Finding a tool for Project 4

For my 4th project, I chose Mulan. As ridiculous as it may sound, I’m going to use eggs, photography, and a flip book tool to create a trailer or a scene from Mulan. Trust me, I know what I’m doing…hopefully. Today, I sketched the scene I want to shoot for my flip book movie. It is […]

Presentation Day

I love photography, so Thematic was an application that caught my attention. Essentially, Thematic is a tool that enables you to create a visual story using the pictures you upload from your computer. I have lots of photos that I was thinking of using to create a story, so it’s great I got to learn […]

Presentation Day

Through today’s presentation, I learned about online softwares and tools I completely had no idea about. Out of all of them though, I found AudioBoom interesting. It is both a website and an application that lets you create, share , and listen to sound files! I love music and listening to other creative artists, so […]

March 18, 2014

Today, I signed up for my presentation for my Interrogating Interface project. It’s going to be on March 25, 2015. I have a lot to work on before then: the web essay and putting my presentation together.  The web essay is not going to be as difficult, because I have been working on the Designer Analysis […]

Before and After

For my third project, I’m working with PresentationTube. PresentationTube is a tool that that “offers a free screen recording software and online video sharing platform.” What I did today was analyze what this tool does effectively, along with some of its constraints. Since my evidence photo is not clear, at all, below is some of […]

Interrogating Interface: Schedule with Projected Dates

Thursday 3/5: Research what my tool, PresentationTube, does and  how it does  it while keeping in mind the Designer Analysis questions. Start on the Designer Analysis questions. Friday 3/6: Continue working on the Designer Analysis questions. Be sure to answer them thoroughly, Meron! Make a blog post that shows my work so far–with evidence of course. […]

Lessons Learned from the Video Star Verdict

Today, a group of us assessed a project that analyzes the web interface Video Star Verdict. Here is the link to the project: It is evident that in this project’s essay the author doesn’t assume the reader has a prior knowledge about the interface. She includes all types of detailed information on how the tool […]

My Interface Choice

I’ve never made a video presentation in any of my classes  before. But that is about to change! Today, I signed up for my first interface choice: PresentationTube! I chose this interface because it is an interactive tool that incorporates audio or videos of the narrator (me) in presentation slides. It basically brings life to […]

Bear with me or Bare with me?

English is not my native language, so sometimes I have the tendency to misspell words or use them inappropriately. Ok. Maybe I’m just using this as an excuse.  Either way, I find autocorrect convenient when it comes to communicating through text or email.  Although it is easier to spell passively, thanks to autocomplete and autocorrect, […]