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Working In Class 4/27

What I Did Since my last blog post, I started working on my in-class presentation.  I created a powerpoint and started working on a few slides – about my fount choices, design decisions, and overall ideas for the project.  I also looked at the questions from the book to guide my presentation. Why I Did […]

Working in Class 4/24

What I Did Today I continued working on my graphic.  I bolded the dates to incorporate feedback from peer review.  I also continued to add information to the timeline.  I have now completed information through year six of the Harry Potter books. Why I Did It I am making significant progress on my infographic, so […]

Peer Reviewing & Revision Plan

In peer review, I presented what I have designed so far for my infographic.  My peers gave me feedback on both strengths and weaknesses: Strengths included my overall design.  My peers liked that I’m creating a timeline.  They liked my font and color selection, and how the infographic was designed towards the audience.  They also […]

Working in Class 4/20

What I Did Since my last post, I have made pretty good progress on my timeline.  I have added events up to Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts.  I have also added a few graphics.  I only have three years left, plus some more design/graphics. Why I Did It I have enough completed that peer review […]

Working Online 4/17

What I Did Since last class, I looked for and downloaded fonts I can use for my project.  I found a few that look exactly like the movie and book fonts for Harry Potter.  I also designed a title for my infographic, which I’m pretty pleased with.  This is always subject to change, but below […]

Working for Class 4/15

What I Did I created a mockup for my story remix.  I used illustrator, and made a rough idea of what I would like my graphic to look like. Why I Did It I used Illustrator because it’s a took I’m familiar with, and it’s what I’ll use to create my final project.  My mockup will […]

Working In Class 4/13

What I Did In class today, I created a timeline for my story remix: 4/15 – Create my mock-up or storyboard and maybe create a sketch of my infographic 4/17 and 4/20 – Work on my infographic and have a significant amount finished for peer review This will include collecting images, fonts and graphics; creating […]

Proposing a Remix

For my story remix, I would like to retell Harry Potter.  I want to make an infographic, so instead of selecting just one book or one story, I would like to do something more general. I plan to make a timeline using illustrator and also maybe indesign and photoshop if I need to.  I could […]

Working Online 4/3

What Makes a Good Remix I think the best remixes take a story and tell it in a perspective that’s a little different, instead of just digitalizing an existing story or rewriting a story.  I especially like the Chamber of PostSecrets one, because it takes the story and tells it from Ginny’s perspective.  It gives […]

Presenting in Class 3/30

I am most interested in using the tool Thematic.  It allows users to share photography and design, which are two things I am interested in. I like that users can share more than one photo at a time, unlike on Instagram.  The photos also look professional and skilled, which I like.  I think this would […]