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Project 4: Remix

My remixed story can be located here: My in-class presentation about the project can be located here:

Project 4 Update 4/27

What I Did: I have been preparing myself to present in class on Wednesday. Additionally, I am wrapping up work on my project, which includes elements of a newspaper (Harry Potter style), blogging, and a timeline. Why I Did It: I chose to combine these elements in my remix because as a sci-fi story the […]

Project 4 Update 4/24

What I Did: I began working on my project. In addition to beginning to create social profiles for parents experiencing the “invasion,” I have also started to draft an article that might trend in the media during such a situation. Why I Did It: I feel as though portraying the story through dialogue between parents […]

Project 4 Update.

What I Did: I have figured out how I want to remix my story and decided on the manner in which I will relate it. The original story I chose to analyze is a sci-fi short story about foreign invaders using children to help them, as parents assumed the kids were merely playing a game […]

Project 4 Timeline

What I Did/Why I Did It: I created a timeline to help me complete Project 4 in a timely manner. Timeline: 4/15 – Mock-up and storyboard in class 4/17 – Find/Add documentation to project 4/20 – Sign up for presentations 4/22 – Peer review in class 4/25 – Complete presentation 4/29 to 5/6 – Presentations 5/6 […]

Project 4 : Remixing A Story

I have chosen to remix a short story entitled “Zero Hour,” by Ray Bradbury. The original story takes place on Earth, some time in the future; all across the world, children are playing an exciting game called “Invasion,” which parents view as harmless fun until an invasion actually occurs. The invaders in the original story […]

Project 3 Update 4/1

Nearing completion of my project, but am putting some more time into it. It will be published within the next week.

Project 3 Presentation Part 3

The tool that I was most interested in trying out, based on today’s presentations, was TimeGlider. I found it interested because the way that it sets up timelines is very different from other programs I have seen. I think that TimeGlider is more aesthetically appealing, and I like the use of circles rather than slides […]