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Final Post

What I Did: I completed working on project 4. I edited all of the pictures I needed to edit and the website looks great!
Why I Did It: I did it because I wanted to finish out the semester strong. I am very proud of my final project and hope you like it…

More Work on Project 4

What I Did: I went in and edited some of the text in the images.  I also re-sized the images so that they all somewhat matched. In addition, I created a few more memes to make the project complete. Why I Did It: I edited the text so that it was more clear to the […]

Revision Plan

For my revision plan, I am going to re-edit some of the text in the photos that I have created to make them more legible. I’m also going to create a few more meme’s to make my site look complete. Here is the link to what I have for my project so far I am […]

Project 4 Continued

What I Did: Over the past week, I have begun to edit my photos that I am going to use for my project on I’m pretty happy with the results i’ve been getting. Why I Did it: I used this tool because I am comfortable using it from the first project and I think […]


What I Did: I finished my mock-up outline of my project and added most of the images and captions I am going to use for the final version. Why I Did it: I did this so I could get a feel for how the layout of the webpage will look. Here is what I have so […]

Project 4

What I Did: I started thinking about ideas for the caption of my photos and started selecting a few photos that I’m going to use for my post secret project. Why I Did It: I began this process because I wanted to make sure I was able to come up with creative enough captions, which […]

Project 4 Ideas

The story I am proposing to use for the project 4 assignment is Game of Thrones. It’s a show I am very into and I think it has rich material I could draw on to make for an interesting remixed story. I would focus on the main highlights of what has happened in the story […]

Exploring Remix Examples

What makes a good remix: Ingenuity, creativity, and usage of new media can really make remixed stories successful.
What makes a good digital story: Incorporating images with texts seems to be the key to making a good digital story.
Stories I am conside…

Presentations Continued

Based off today’s presentations, Thematic was my favorite tool that I saw. I found it very interesting because I am really into photography, so it’s right up my alley. I take a lot of pictures when I travel, so I would definitely use this tool to tell the story of one of my trips through […]