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Final Blog Post!! (4/27)

So for my final Remix a Story (and class) blog post, I would like to revisit my original calendar that we made on 4/13. According to this calendar, initially my goal for today was to complete the animation. Well, this was a very ambitious goal. Luckily I started my animation yesterday, and I am about […]

4/24 Progress

What I did….. Today, and since last class, I have really been trying to get all of the work I will be doing in illustrator our of the way. This includes illustrating complex scenes and objects that will get transformed in Flash, typing out all the credits and spell checking names (there is no spell […]

4/22 Peer Review

Peer review went really well today. We got to talk out some of the issues we were facing in our projects-three brains are better than one, right? I was originally nervous that people wouldn’t really get the concept behind my project. So, as an introduction to my project I showed a little clip from the […]

4/20 Progress

What I did… Today we signed up for presentation slots and continued to work on our project. I continued to design my animation. Two of the big things that I was able to get done was the Warner Bros logo, which was painstaking, and creating fire from vectors. I actually enjoyed designing the fire because […]

4/17 Online Class

Documentation Plan I have been thinking about how I am going to document my assets and sources. Since my project is already going to be a credit sequence, I need to decide how to cite my sources in an appropriate manner. I am thinking that I will include my own name in the main animation. […]

4/15 Story Board & Progress

Today I have my rough draft story board to share on my blog. It may not make much sense to someone who may try and follow along, but the sketches help me visualize what I need to be creating in Flash. Unfortunately these scenes are snapshots of an animation, so the transitions  were left out. There […]

4/13 Remix a Story Calendar & Progress

Calendar: My calendar is going to be difficult to predict. I am actually ready to start animating my story in Flash, but know that at first there will be a learning curve as I re-familiarize myself with the program. Also, with the experience I do have with Flash, you can get stuck on one tiny […]

4/8 Initial Remix a Story Pitch

For my story I have chosen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I will be using Adobe Flash to create an original animated title sequence for the movie. My inspiration for this project comes from one of my favorite designers, Saul Bass, and the title sequences and movie posters that he had done for movies […]

4/3 Online Work Day

What makes a good remix? A good remix will have the integrity of the original, but add a new and innovative spin to the work, therefore creating a separate work all together. One of my favorite ‘remixes’ that caused much controversy and legal fees is the following image by artist Richard Prince, an appropriation artist […]

4/1 Presentations & Digital Archives

Although we were not required to make a post for today’s presentations, I did have some thoughts I wanted to share on the interface, Digital Archives. Prior to choosing our interface, I researched Digital Archives throughly to see if I wanted to use it as my interface. After getting a good grasp on the affordances […]