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English Final Exam

English Final Exam   This semester was difficult for me and my school work suffered. My priorities were forced to shift and I did not focus enough on school. However, I do believe I presented projects that I put a lot of effort into. Mainly, I am very proud of my fourth project. The posters […]

Revision Plan

Last night I decided to change my project completely.Instead of creating pinterest boards for the dwarves, I will be making them into superheros. Each superhero will have their own unique set of powers displayed on a poster. During the peer review, my peers said they liked the project idea. They helped me come up with […]

Today’s Progress

Today I started working on my presentation for Project 4. I began working on a slideshow in Google Slides. I don’t know if this is how I am going to present my project in the end, but for now it is helpful for getting all of my ideas down. I am on schedule to finish […]


Today we created our timelines for having the project completed. I created my timeline keeping in mind the other school assignments I have due over the next couple of weeks. Keeping up with this schedule will help me to stay organized and on track to finishing my project. I have attached my timeline below: 4/14 […]

Remixing the Story Idea

I have decided to use the story Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. I want to create Pinterest boards for all of the dwarfs. Each dwarf will have their own board that includes an outfit, an accessory that matches their personality and a picture of the place they would like to visit the most. I […]


Day 3 of presentations

Today we had another round of presentations. The interface Thematic appealed to me the most today. Like i’ve mentioned before in my posts, photography is something that really interests me. On my blog, I like to include pictures of hikes I’ve been on. Thematic seems like another interesting way to display my pictures. i like […]

Day 1 Presentations

We had the first day of presentations today. I, along with 7 others, presented our applications to the class. I really liked the application of Coogle. Mind mapping is a tool that is very helpful to me and I like the idea of being able to make one online and save it for later use. Currently, I […]

P3 Peer Review

Today in class we were paired up to review the projects of our peers. I had my powerpoint examined by Brigid. My powerpoint was almost complete so she had positive things to say. Brigid also suggested I change the theme of my presentation to make it easier to see on the projector. Some things I need […]