This value is somewhat self-explanatory. Commitment is a necessity for success. You cannot truly be successful if you are not committed to what you are doing. There needs to be a focus, drive, passion, and a sense of energy towards fulfilling the task at hand and achieving that goal. I believe commitment can also be taught, not necessarily through an educational setting, but through a personal drive not to give up. Sometimes people don’t initially have that within them, but a self-examination and “commitment to commit” can change that around.

So what

Without and individual’s commitment towards the task at hand, the outcome could fail. Even one person in a group of one-hundred can hold the other ninety-nine back. The individual should be finding a sense of pride in the task they are doing, if not then maybe the role for that individual needs to change. However, I believe everyone can always find some sort of motivation as some place within a team.

Now what

This, I believe, is my strongest value within the social change model. I always take pride in the work I do, no matter what is it. Sometimes, I take too much pride in small tasks. I don’t find that to be a bad thing, but I tend to take things a little personal in some instances where I shouldn’t. Commitment has never been an issue in me and I will continue to make sure it never becomes such.