Congruence takes the role of consistency in this situation. More specifically, consistency within oneself. This means that an individual will usually do the same thing, with the same ideas and values in mind every time. Actions, thoughts, and discussions are always taking on the same tone. I think this is something that can be taught. While it is something and individual should work with on their own, you can be educated on how and in what manners to act consistently.

So What

Congruence is a good stepping stone in the right direction towards eliminating controversy. When others have a good feeling in the way you might react towards something (hopefully positively), it makes it much easier for them to go ahead and put out ideas in and open and honest way. It is then the responsibility of all others to continue to act like they usually would, unless something out of the ordinary happens. There can always be exceptions.

Now What

Congruence is something that I feel I am strong with. Typically I notice that I will react certain ways in certain situations. They may not always necessarily be the right reaction, but that’s something that is more easily changed than inconsistency.