Consciousness of Self


This value takes a more individualized point of view. Consciousness of self is all about remembering what personal values and beliefs are and knowing to always keep those in mind when making decisions and taking actions. This is something that cannot be taught in any setting, but rather realized through life experiences. It may sometimes take even years to understand your own values.

So what

In relation, this value is more of an ethical point. Sometimes a decision you make can be controversial in terms of a should or shouldn’t this be done. An individual should remember, before all else, what they stand for and would this decision being made sit on their conscious for time to come afterwards. Always stay true to yourself above all else.

Now what

Fortunately I have not run into this issue too many times thus far in my life. It is easy to say that you will always do what’s right and what you believe in. However, what will actually be done when in the heat of action? I like to think that I won’t have a problem doing what I believe in, its just hard to make that kind of promise when you have not experienced it.