Controversy with Civility


In most environments, there will be disagreements. But its how you deal with those disagreements that matter more so. Everyone must understand that all people are different, and therefore different viewpoints on just about all situations are going to come about. What cannot happen is that a simple disagreement turn into something more. Each person has the right to be heard and to defend his or her statement without fear of ridicule. After such takes place, it is then time to collaborate and decide what action to take.

So what

This value is specifically important to a team being able to work together. Sometimes a lot of disagreements can lead to individualism, which is not necessarily a good thing in most cases. Teams need to avoid this by being able to learn how to react to situations with other team members that they may not be so keen on. The more positive the reaction, the easier it becomes to move on from the situation. The initially negative reaction may lead to negative results depending on the way the rest of the situation is handled.

Now what

This is another value that I have starred. I tend to have a strong personality when it comes to the ideas that I have. I have been stubborn in the past with these issues, however I have learned how to go about the situation without coming off in a negative manner. Because of this I’ve noticed a big difference in my ability to negotiate and communicate with healthy debate. This is something that I continue to strive to improve.