Common Purpose


Part of realizing that what you are doing is worthwhile is knowing that everybody else is also striving to produce the same thing. Each person on the team should be working towards one goal, one common idea that has been set to be achieved at the beginning of the project. This is another easy thing that is learned through life experience.

So what

We may strive to do our best for ourselves, as is human nature, but we will strive for better when we know that everybody else is working just as hard for the same thing. When I am working on projects, I try to think about what would be best for the rest of my team, regardless of what team I’m working for at the time. I know that I my teammates and co-workers would be working just as hard for me as I am for them. In turn, that makes the work I do feel like its worth something. If I can do my part, and the rest of my team can do their part, then the end result will be good. Remember the saying “individual parts are never as good as the sum of their whole.”

Now what

Moving forward, I have put down a mark on my list of “needs improvement” by this value. I have a tendency to get frustrated when I feel like I or my co-workers are not putting in the time and/or effort during certain projects. However, I know that they are always thinking about the same end result as I am. With this knowledge, I need to remember that working together patiently will end better than separately and angrily.