Collaboration could easily be the most important value of the social change model, that is, if you had to choose one. Collaboration takes place within a team and among all individuals. This is something that is easily learned, not through the classroom, but through living and learning. In my experience, it is easily noticeable when a team has done well collaborating and when they have failed to do so. The results will show.

So what

The wheel of every team begins and ends with collaborating and is only successful when this is done and done well. Collaboration, more commonly known as simply communication, takes place best when each person is taking on his or her specific role. In the end, all roles must come together for one common goal.

Now What

Already, I have been making an effort towards applying this value of the social change model. I require that all officers on the club golf team be in the loop on anything. That is, anything that I do, or any of the other officers do, a simple update should be sent to all so everyone knows what is next on the horizon. I have also made it a point of concern within my job at HokieVision to see that communication between students and staff is better. As an office as a whole, we put out great content, but I feel it can be improved when everybody who is a part of the office is in the loop as the what’s going on and what to expect moving forward.

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