What: I spent freshman living considerably more comfortable than the “average” freshman. Controlled air conditioning, carpet, co-ed dorm, personal shower, etc. However this was because of the effort that I put forth towards the living-learning dorm known as the Residential Leadership Community. Each semester, I was required to take a leadership class that would introduce us to the philosophy of leadership, and then teach us to apply those philosophies to certain situations.

So What: These classes opened my eyes to different styles of leadership. Before being introduced, I was very narrow-sighted on the term “leadership.” I believed a leader always led by example, and was always look up to by either peers, subordinates, or both. The RLC taught me that was just one style of leadership, and that there were many, many more ways to lead than just what I had experienced.

Now What: Because of the experience freshman year, I have been able to retain the information I learned, as well as some of the opportunities given to apply such leadership styles, and create my own style that incorporates many different styles and techniques. Creating this style, and experiencing more new ways has given the power to lead in many different real-world aspects even as a college undergrad. I am lucky to have had this opportunity.