What: Freshman year I began working as a student intern at HokieVision. I quickly found a niche in the broadcasting industry through the job and continually wanted to learn more. My junior year, I was anointed the technical director for all football games and ESPN3 broadcasts; only the 2nd time a student had been given this position (the last one to do this is now the department’s senior director). Senior year, I was given the role of a graduate assistant, a role that is not taken lightly in the office and has come with much more responsibility.

So What: Through being an avid learner of the system and industry, and being given the opportunities and trust that I have been given by my superiors, I have found that the other students in the office quickly have looked at me as more of a role model around the office. On countless occasions, I have peers approaching me for help, questions, and concerns. I have even had my superiors approach me with questions because they know that I like to research all kinds of situations and may know things now that they have not had time to learn.

Now What: With greater trust comes greater responsibility. I have quickly found myself to be a role model within the office and now have eyes on what I do. I’ve learned that I have to keep the same work ethic, if not an even greater one, that has gotten me to position I am. If I can lead by example, that will increase the productivity of the younger students and put them on the right direction to continue to improve the quality of our department.

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