What I did:

On Monday, I decided to do the story in a matter of 7 days/nights.  Today, I made all of the Tweets and Text Message (iPhone) conversations between Hansel and Gretel for Project 4.  I also found photos to use as their profile pictures on their Twitter accounts

Why I did what I did:

I made the story to be 7 days, so that I could possibly title it “A Week in the Woods: The Real Story of Hansel & Gretel.”  I also made the Tweets/Messages so that I could start progressing toward finishing all of the social media interaction within the next week.  On Friday, I plan on continuing this creation process.

Story Outline Notes: (These are in the Notes app on my Mac, but it was too long to take a screenshot.) The indentation got messed up as well.

Day 1 Twitter Updates:

Complaining about step-mom wanting to leave them in the woods
Brainstorming how to get them out of the situation
Collecting pebbles (something GPS related)
Day 2:
Talk about step mom tricking them
Throwing pebbles (maybe use GPS tracking points)
NIGHT of Day 2:
Using trackers to find their way back
Talk about surprising the step mom
Day 3:
Step mom took keys to car so he can’t get more trackers
Day 4:
Used trackers he had
Used goldfish that step mom had given for the rest
NIGHT of Day 4:
Birds had eaten all of their gold fish and out of range of tracker signal
Day 5:
Find house of candy
Nice old woman
Naive Gretel
Lurking suspicion
Day 6:
Complain about cooking
Come to realization of what is going on
Going to feed Hansel to her dogs and herself
Day 7:
Plays dumb about going in the electric brick oven to light the pilot light
Puts old woman into the oven
Get Hansel out of basement
Walk a little farther and then got into range of one of the trackers (maybe change to batteries)
Got home
Dad had already divorced step mom
Use Prezi
Need some edited images
Need some sort of transition piece on Prezi between the days and nights to help the story flow