Author: Amy


The tool that I found the most interesting was Trello, because it was a unique way to schedule and organize projects.  I found it interesting, because I think that I could apply to my next Computer Systems project for better organization and time management.


Checklist Summary I still need to write Rhetorical Analysis, and Affordances and Constraints.  I also need to edit what I already have written.  I need to put in my screen shots and create the navigation. What I did I wrote the overview page, the design choices page, and the modes of communication page. I also […]


The tool that I found interesting to try out is ThingLink.  I found his interesting because you could essentially make interactive infographs.  I thought it would be easy to use for the given circumstances, and I liked that it was free to students.  I would probably use it to create how-to guides for certain softwares/interactive […]


What I heard in peer review: My partner thought that my outline was appropriate for my web essay.  Although there wasn’t much written, she thought that I would be able to provide adequate information to fill in the essay.  She also looked though all of my screen shots and thought that there would be enough […]


What I did: I created all of the subpages.  I outlined my essay within those pages and decided what exactly I will be talking about.  I then started writing my overview of my interface on the main page. Why I did what I did: I created all the of subpages to allow me to organize […]


What I did: Today, I filled out the Writer/Designer Analysis page. I also decided on how I was going organize my web essay on WordPress. Why I did what I did: I filled out the page so that I could easily gather my thoughts for the web essay that I will be writing on Wednesday […]


What I did: I spent my 50 minutes working on setting up the tool and focusing on learning how to use it.  This is a simple to use mind mapping tool.  To learn how to use this tool, I created a simple mind map using information on animals.  I also read several reviews on the […]


Create Login by 3/15
Research the Tool by 3/15
Fill in the Writer/Designer Analysis Questions by end of class 3/16
Outline Web Essay by end of class 3/16
Take screenshot as I go, most of them done by 3/15
Draft Web Essay by end of class 3/18
Draft Slid…


After looking through all of the example essays for the Interrogate an Interface project, one thing that I found that I will apply to my project is the organizational layout.  I found it helpful when the subpages were broken down, because this reduced the amount of text on the page, as well as provided a […]


The tool that I chose for Project 3 is Coggle. I was drawn to this interface because, as a Computer Science major, online collaboration tools are of great interest to me.  It also is a neat way of organizing notes, as well as sharing thoughts and ideas.  The fact that this tools allows for version control […]