Author: Amy


I had many autocorrect fails while I was in high school.  We would always use the school computers that wouldn’t save our preferences and would reset every time we logged on.  Well, this was always an issue for my last name.  Microsoft Word would always autocorrect my last name from Vogrig to Virgin.  Knowing that […]


What I did: On my About Me page, I commented on my love for country music. I also added a gallery to the page with pictures of several concerts I have attended. I also removed the sharing links and comment box from the About Me and the Site Information pages. I also used the heading […]


What I heard from my peer:
She liked my site, and the only thing that I needed I needed to change was the order of my pages in the menu bar.
What I did:
I changed the order in the menu bar to be sequential.
What I need to do:


What I did: I updated my About Me and Site Information pages. I added a blurb about me and then used my project 1 identity statement. I added information about WordPress, my theme, and images to the Site Information page. Why I did what I did: I added the small blurb about me to let […]


1. Oakley Sunglass Case: L, V, S, G 2. Drivers License: L, V, S 3. My Sheetz Card: L, V, S 4. Bath & Body Works Lotion Bottle: V, S, L 5. Blistex: V, S, L 6. Cummins Careers Pen: V, S, L, G 7. Ibuprofen Bottle: V, S, L 8. Jagermeister Lanyard: V, S, […]


What I did: Today, I did some customization to my theme. I played with different background colors and changed the header image. I also created various pages that will act as placeholders. Why I did what I did: I chose to stay with the white background and gray text to give even contrast to the […]


What I did: I watched the video on “Changing the Appearance of Your Site” and then I chose the Hemingway Rewritten theme for my site. Why I did what I did: I chose this theme because I liked the clean layout that flowed downward on that page. It doesn’t have many distractions along the […]

Hello World

What I did: Today, I signed up for my very first blog. I named my blog Hello Blog, and I also quickly chose a theme. Why I did these things: I named by blog Hello Blog as a reference to the program that most learn when they first begin coding; hence, the name of this […]