Phil 1304

In my Morality and Justice class, we spent the semester learning about the philosophy behind different decisions. While this class is not set up as a leadership class, it is very useful in terms leadership and taking philosophies and turning them into results when leading a team. Everything from utilitarianism to making choices based on […]

LDRS 1016

This class was called the Nature of Leadership. It was a non-linear based class in which the students took control of what we learned and how we learned it. Most of the class was spent outside and taking in the different patterns of how nature worked and the hierarchy of animals. We spent our time […]

LDRS 1015

This course was designed as in introduction into the theory of leadership. Through readings and exercises, I was able to learn the basics behind the philosophy of leadership as it has evolved.
(Examples of work were not able to be accessed for this cla…

We need to talk about PETA…

Due to the nature of the agriculture industry, many activists express their concern for livestock welfare. I agree that just because an animal is raised for slaughter, does not negate their right to be treated humanely from birth to death. One … Continue reading

The Chipotle Debate

The agriculture industry is not happy with Chipotle for multiple corporate choices and misleading marketing campaigns that have negatively influenced the industries reputation. With a large budget and marketing team that knows how to sell to emotions of the consuming audience, Chipotle … Continue reading

What is Agvocacy?

Literally, agvocacy is the word combination of advocacy and agriculture, but more importantly advocacy is an initiative. It is the positive promotion of the agriculture industry and efforts to combat public misconceptions and corporate propaganda that negatively impact the hard-working Americans that sustain our food source. To me, agvocacy highlights the necessity for public relations […]