What Collaboration could easily be the most important value of the social change model, that is, if you had to choose one. Collaboration takes place within a team and among all individuals. This is something that is easily learned, not through the classroom, but through living and learning. In my experience, it is easily noticeable […]


What: I spent freshman living considerably more comfortable than the “average” freshman. Controlled air conditioning, carpet, co-ed dorm, personal shower, etc. However this was because of the effort that I put forth towards the living-learning dorm known as the Residential Leadership Community. Each semester, I was required to take a leadership class that would introduce us […]


What: Freshman year I began working as a student intern at HokieVision. I quickly found a niche in the broadcasting industry through the job and continually wanted to learn more. My junior year, I was anointed the technical director for all football games and ESPN3 broadcasts; only the 2nd time a student had been given this position (the […]

Club Golf

What: One of the most influential events during my time at Virginia Tech has been my involvement with the Club Golf Team. As a sophomore, I was elected treasurer of the team where I was in charge of the day-to-day financial operations and reporting of the team. Beginning my junior year, and into my season year, […]

LDRS 3304

Team Leadership was an interesting class in the fact that much of the semester was spent working in a team of five. This team that I was with spent our time trying to set and attain a community service project goal. All-the-while we were in a classroom setting learning the best practices to guide us […]

LDRS 2014

In Principles of Peer Leadership, I spent the semester reflecting on my real-life leadership experience. Through weekly reflections, structured papers, and supervisor feedback I was able to get an understanding of why I was making certain choices, and how to better make future choices in my position. We were given access to have a “mentor” […]